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British Columbia International School Bangkok (BCISB) Website Cookie Policy

Effective on June 1st, 2022


Cookie Policy 

When you visit the BCISB website (, the information relating to your visit to the website is saved in the form of Cookies. The information may be collected on your web browser, your computer, mobile device, and so on. This cookie will not harm your device or the security of your data. Your personal information will be collected in order to improve the service experience or to measure the amount of online service usage. You should learn more about the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy so that you can understand how your personal information is used. 

Type of Local Storage and Purpose of Use of Cookies 

BCISB uses Cookies to record your visit and your sign-up to the website in order to make it easier for our school to remember your usage of the website. The information will be used to improve the school website, to serve the needs of the school, and to increase the website’s speed. In some cases, the school will require the assistance of a third party to complete the aforementioned action, which may necessitate the use of an Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) or Cookie for statistical analysis, information linking, and data processing for marketing purposes.

Cookies used by BCISB may fall into two categories based on their storage.

  • Session Cookies

This is a temporary cookie that will remember your visit to the school website. The cookie will be deleted from your computer or mobile device when you leave the website or close the web browser. 

  • Persistent Cookies 

This type of cookie will last for a specific period of time or until you delete them. The cookie will help the school website to remember your visit and preference. This will help you to access the website services more conveniently and quickly when you come back to use the website again. 

The Purposes of cookie usage are as follows.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookie is important to the school’s website because it will help you access the various parts of the website. Also, it will help recognize the information you have provided through the website. By disabling this type of cookie, you may not be able to use the services of the school that require cookies. 

  • Performance Cookies

This cookie enables the school to know the user’s interactions with the school website, homepage, or any popular platforms. This information is also used by the school to improve the functionality of the website, better understand user behavior, and analyze any other data. The information derived from this type of cookie is non-personally identifiable and is used for statistical analysis only. By disabling this cookie, the school will be unable to determine the number of visitors to the website and evaluate the quality of service.

  • Functional cookie 

This type of cookie helps our school’s website remember options that you have set up. It also allows the website to provide additional features and content based on your usage. For example, it will help remember your account name. Disabling this type of cookie may cause the website to not function perfectly.

  • Targeting Cookies

This type of cookie is generated as a result of a link to a third-party website. The cookie will save information about your visit to the website, which the information will be used by other websites to offer products or services. Disabling this type of cookie will not affect your usage of the school website, however, it will result in the presentation of products or services on the other website that do not correspond to your interests.


How do you manage cookies?

Most browsers are set to accept Cookies by default. However, you can opt out or delete cookies in the settings page of the browser you are using. If you modify the settings, your browser may affect the layout and functionality of our website. In case you want to modify the setting, you can find more details at the link given below. 

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BCISB is not affiliated with the content on the aforementioned websites

Please note that if you choose to disable cookies on your browser or on your device, it may affect the functionality of certain parts of the school website, which is unable to function or provide services normally, and BCISB can disclaim responsibility.

Links to other websites 

The BCISB website may contain links to third party websites or social media. It may also include embedding content or video sourced from social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. This will allow you to access content and interact with others on social media from the school’s website. These third-party websites or social media will set up their own Cookies, and BCISB cannot control or be responsible for those Cookies.   We recommend that you also learn the third party’s Cookie policy or announcement.

Change Notice 

This notice may be updated in accordance with the actual circumstance. An updated notice will be posted on this website. Therefore, the school recommends that you understand the change in these terms. 

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