Our Vision

BCISB offers a range of athletic opportunities for our students to help maintain healthy lifestyles and encourage the social values that are developed through sports. We are continuously adding unique opportunities for athletes to showcase their talents, work as a team and build lifelong friendships. We aim to build multi-sport athletes and develop values of perseverance and sportsmanship.

Our League

BCISB is a proud member of ISAA (International Schools Athletic Association). Mr. Jordan, our Athletic Director, is the Chairperson of this organization and they pride themselves on giving student athletes experience in inter-school competition.

Team Sign-ups and Rosters

Every student who wishes to sign up for a team will get the chance to develop and practice their skills with the team. Final teams will be selected to attend a tournament according to the limited number of roster spots at the tournament. Students will sign up for the teams they wish to participate with.


Students are expected to attend team practices. These practices will be after school (14:40-15:50) and possibly during the morning if our practice schedule is busy. On average, teams will have 1-2 practices a week. It is encouraged that students are training outside of BCISB in clubs or independently.

BCISB Team Uniforms

BCISB does two orders per year for team uniforms (September and January). If you would like to order a personalized uniform for your child, please contact Mr. Jordan

Overnight Tournaments

BCISB has great experience with taking teams on international trips. Students will need to express interest and teams will be chosen based on talent, sportsmanship, commitment and academic standing. These tournaments are at the expense of parents and additional team fundraising. 

Parent Spectators

We encourage parents to attend our Bears events! We ask that you never step into playing areas and are respectful and supportive to all athletes. A friendly reminder that the teams have coaches and we are there for a fun experience. 


Note: This is a temporary schedule that is subject to change.