BCISB has dedicated and hardworking students in High School and BCISB believes in fostering this. Each academic year we offer a leadership club under the supervision of our school counselor, Ms. Rochelle. In this voluntary program, students take an active lead in the planning and preparation of a variety of activities for the student body and wider BCISB community. Our counselor also works with the entire student population to offer leadership opportunities for personal and social development.   

So why do we do this? We model and teach the skills that will be needed even more outside the school gates. We urge our students to be creative and to have confidence in themselves and to believe in what they can achieve. By teaching our young leaders to get invested in improving their surroundings and school culture we model negotiation and decision making skills.

Sportsmanship at BCISB is not just on the basketball court. Respect and Sportsmanship go hand in hand as important skills to learn towards leadership. Ideas are given space and hearing, communication becomes so important and practicing learned skills all come together in Leadership.


Registered Drivers

With the ever increasing importance of the English language, it’s become more important than ever to be fully proficient. This takes time and dedication with the right kind of support. BCISB ensures the best possible summer learning for your children. Learn from highly qualified foreign ESL teachers in Thailand and receive top notch English language lessons in a safe learning environment.

Fun Learning Activities

Learning English is about more than just working on grammar, it’s about having great experiences and speaking the English language while doing so. We organize informative field trips, fun art classes, healthy cooking classes, enlightening science experiments and more, to give children hands on experiences.

A Global Perspective

Learn English while gaining global knowledge, with our internationally themed lessons during the program. We touch on interesting and relevant topics including politics health, space, the environment, world history, famous cities, cultures and more.

Inquiry Based Learning

We teach students to ask questions and solve problems – building a drive to learn & ensuring good life long habits.

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Fun Field Trips

Cooking & Art Classes