Student of the Year Award – Mr. Matthew Hanania

The Student of the Year Award is given out to a student who shows excellence in his or her academic, social, and community responsibilities. This person embodies all of the core values of a BCISB student.

From the Principal
“Matthew has consistently shown a strong performance in all of his courses. He has consistently demonstrated passion for and commitment to his studies. He always showed a positive attitude toward his peers, his teachers, and his school, and was always the voice of reason when someone was upset. He is a well rounded student who participated in all things BCISB, such as intramural sports, volunteer programs, sports days, teacher appreciation day, etc. He has an excellent ability to project ideas and concerns and is a very accountable and responsible young man.”

Citizenship Award – Mr. Manaspas Chaiwanchana

The Citizenship Award is given out to a student that demonstrates civic responsibility, leadership, a willingness to mentor, and a genuine care for the well being of others throughout the year.

From the Principal
“Sun has made outstanding contributions to the well-being of his community. He engages positively and actively with all members of the BCISB community. He has is passionate about his country and his people and he has shared this pride and knowledge with the younger generation. He readily avails himself to helping teachers as well as his peers, and exemplifies volunteerism.”

Perseverance Award – Ms. Yawittha Pita

The Perseverance Award is given out to a student that shows an unfailing willingness to work hard and give one’s best in every and all circumstances. This person shows the attitude of someone who will not give up.

From the Principal
“Dream has consistently demonstrated commitment and a positive attitude in completing her studies during the course of her high school program. She has shown persistence and self-discipline in completing all of her courses with excellent results. Her dedication towards a variety of tasks, curricular as well as extra-curricular has benefitted BCISB and is very much appreciated.”