Secondary School at BCISB offers a full range of courses and allows students to flourish in the areas they are keen to explore. Our graduates are accepted at world-class schools such as the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto, but some also stay in Thailand and study at the prestigious Mahidol University, Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University. Students are also accepted into schools in the UK, Australia, the USA, China, New Zealand and abroad.

The High School curriculum at BCISB includes our international program in Grade 9 and our British Columbia (Canada) Graduation Program from Grades 10 – 12. This program is licensed and accredited by the Canadian province of British Columbia, and students earn a Canadian diploma in addition to a Thai diploma. Students have a comprehensive foundation in the vital core subjects and have a variety of course choice to help them explore their personal interests and academic goals. The structure of the program guides students towards the attainment of their graduation requirements while the variety provided allows them to enhance their own strengths and identify areas in which to pursue post-secondary studies and future career paths.

We continuously strive to evolve and provide a greater range of options to fulfill the needs of our growing and diversifying the student body. Our IT infrastructure, Arts and Science facilities and access to technology in the classroom keep us up to date with current trends in education and provide our students with wider opportunities for hands-on learning and research. Through these means and an emphasis on field trips and applied studies, we encourage experiential learning as an integral part of our curriculum and learning system. Additionally, full academic counseling services and English language support are available for students as required.