Student Council visits the National Cancer Institute

Student Council visits the National Cancer Institute

On Monday, November 11th, 2019, Student Council representatives from BCISB visited the National Cancer Institute of Thailand to meet with Dr. Suleeporn Sangrajrang,( P.h.D) Director of Health System Development Cancer Institute.

Here is their report on their visit.

Dr. Sangrajrang was very impressed that our school was able to raise 202,120 Baht for cancer research in our 2019 Terry Fox fundraiser and how our school community joined together in helping to cure this terrible disease. We are sure a lot of our students, staff, and community are wondering how our donations would be put to the best possible use at the Institute.

Here is an update on our visit, how much we learned and the impact our funds are making on our community!

Here are a few of the questions we asked Dr Suleeporn:

Q: Do you know who Terry Fox is?

A: Yes, I do know about Terry Fox as the Terry Fox Foundation has supported NCI before from Canada. I am very happy that your school is also supporting Terry Fox and his wonderful values.

Q: Which countries have NCI (National Cancer Institute) worked with before?

A: NCI had collaborated with Japan, Germany, the World Health Organization (WHO), and a few other countries to support and develop projects on cancer research.

Q: What will the National Cancer Institute of Thailand use the donations for?

A: The donations will be used for treatment costs for patients who are in need of support, further cancer research and cancer screening. Also, it will be used for our program for cancer controlled activities.

Q: What kind of cancer does the institute research on and what is your plan for the future?

A: We are currently doing research on liver, lung, breast, colorectal and cervical cancer. The plans we are currently looking at for the future are to improve our screening program, integrative medicine (herbs) and also medicine for chemotherapy after the patients complete their treatment.

Q: Around how many people who have cancer come to this Institute every year?

A: There are around 3,000 to 4,000 new cases every year and over 40,000 visits per year.

Q: How do we as students continue to support cancer research?

A: You could support using social media and sharing real information from organizations, such as Cancer Research UK, Australia Cancer Council, and NCIUS. We don’t want to spread untrue information so be aware of what you are seeing before sharing.

Q: Can we share with us what inspired you to get involved in cancer research?

A:  Cancer is the leading cause of death and very few people in Thailand work in the field of cancer research. We would like to help people who are affected by cancer. We want to help the community around us that needs treatment for cancer. Yes, cancer treatment is covered by the government but there is no coverage for other expenses such as transportation. We want to fund the prevention of cancer so that it’s not the leading cause of death.

It was a great experience meeting one of the leading research doctors in Bangkok. We were happy to see that our hard work in raising donations is being used for a great cause!

See you at BCISB’s Terry Fox Run 2020!

Zoe, Katherine, and Naedyn

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