Outstanding success with early university offers for Grade 12

Outstanding success with early university offers for Grade 12
Fern and Neen two of our grade 12 students have already been offered, by early admissions placement, positions in prestigious university programs due to their outstanding successes here at BCISB.
Fern joined BCISB 6 years ago in Grade 7 as she wanted to qualify for international qualifications and wanted to study at the standard set by an international school that would offer her opportunities throughout the world. She has been accepted for her first choice at Thammasat University to study a Bachelor of Arts program in Global Studies and Social  Entrepreneurship (GSSE). This program offers yearly internships and direct contact with the United Nations. “This faculty and the students who study there all have a passion for changing the world. I will do a Masters’s degree in the United Kingdom. I want to be a businesswoman creating eco-friendly sustainable societies.” Fern said.
In the acceptance letter of offer to Fern, Thammasat University stated that Fern’s accomplishments and passion to engage in innovative leadership initiatives in an international setting captured their attention.
Neen another Grade 12 student has also been offered her first choice in an early offer that has been accepted. Neen will study a Bachelor of Science (Bio-Medical Science) for two years at Mahidol University with a further two years of study to complete the degree at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. She hopes to use this degree in hospital science or maybe even a medical degree overseas. Neen studies Chemistry, Science, and Physics at BCISB after coming here in Grade 10. “I came here for the opportunities that BCISB offered”.
Ms. Melissa Pfeifer, High School Literacy Support Leader and homeroom teacher for Grade 12 is particularly proud and supportive of the girls. “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to watch Neen and Fern develop into the remarkable young women that they’ve become. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence have led them to make impressive progress in their studies and have a positive impact on their community. I couldn’t be more proud that they have both been accepted to the universities of their choice and wish them all the best in their future studies”.