Our School Community Comes Together

Our School Community Comes Together

BCISB switched to online, off campus learning Wednesday March 18 due to Covid-19 mandates from the Thai government closing all international schools.

We had previously trialled online learning when we were closed for a week two weeks before and were fully prepared for this new online teaching challenge.

Our teachers have been enthusiastically sharing resources and knowledge with one another and the spirit within the school community has been outstanding. They have tested and trialled resources from around the world and are reporting back to one another using our intranet. You will continue to see innovative teaching strategies being presented throughout our off campus learning.

To our wonderful parents, grandparents and community we understand you are now homeschooling but we are always here to support your child. Remember to contact us as you are not going through this alone. Talk to us and share ideas, concerns and if you are finding the process of homeschooling difficult please let us know.

We can help you find new ways to support your child. Your child’s teachers, administrators and counselor are here for your questions or concerns as always.

The school would like to thank you for the huge out pouring of support at this time. The Bears community can only be stronger from this experience.

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