Our E-Learning Journey

Today is day 29 of E-learning at BCISB. Our teachers and students have come so far we thought we would look back to see what we have all learned on this amazing journey.

At BCISB we knew we had great teachers who inspired our students in what was once a regular classroom. With the challenge of off-campus learning 

teachers and students had to face  learning  a dizzying array of technology available  so both groups could learn quickly and evaluate the best methods available. For teachers, this time has become an instant, intense Professional Development program with the skills they have learned becoming common-place in a regular classroom of the future.

We have all learned that flexibility is so important alongside step by step guidance from teachers, parents and students to ensure engagement and progress.

Of course our parents tread the delicate balance of how to cope with the dual roles of home schooling and maintaining their own careers, either from home or whilst still at work. We have learned from the pandemic to take bite size chunks we can all manage and this is even more important with your youngest learners.

K3 has managed to have some classes shared between Ms. Jorden, Ms. Mae and Mr. Ian so these young learners can get the individualized attention they need.

Our staff at BCISB have quickly learned to be on the look-out for anxiety from both the global pandemic and being schooled from home. Social media warns parents to not try to be teachers at this time but rather to encourage the students toward being independent learners. This however, may seem difficult or impossible for parents who cannot work from home or who have young children.

At BCISB we have seen even our youngest students becoming more independent each day. We realize our parents and community have taken on this challenge, working together with our teachers and succeeding as a team effort.

We have introduced E-Learner of the week. Each week elementary teachers choose two of their most ‘switched on’ students with middle school and high school choosing one per grade. All names will be entered into a draw for a pizza and ice cream party on return to school.Together with these weekly nominations, come the reasons for choosing the students. The teacher’s comments display the student’s amazing journey.

I’d like to share some of those uplifting and positive comments with you;

“Extremely diligent and asks thoughtful questions in class” 

“Class may look differently nowadays but students are rising to the challenge”.

“Showing tremendous growth and responsibility in their learning journey”. “Working independently and making fabulous connections”, 

“Jumps online early and does work superbly and always asks for more”, “Incredibly responsible from Day 1”

“Working so diligently and checking into each and every google meet”

Our community is learning as we go, reaching out to one another and being the warm, caring and inclusive place we always knew it to be.

We asked Principal Ryan Silverthorne how he sees the BCISB student online journey:

“With the extreme challenges that this pandemic has brought I have been very encouraged by both the creativity that I see and the dedication from students and staff. 

There is no question in my mind that the technical and logistical skills learned will carry forward into the future when students return to class. While we do not know when we will be returning, we are excited to continue to evolve in our practice for the benefit of all learners now and in future years. We have a dedicated community that includes wonderful parents and I’m looking forward to the day we get to meet in person again.

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