Our Community Smashes Previous Fundraising Record

K3, our  BCISB Bears, perhaps we should call them bear cubs, raced today besides our entire community in the Terry Fox Run for 2019.
Students, parents, extended families, community supporters and sports teams all ran today to raise community awareness and funds for cancer support.
Yes, it was hot, sunny and sweaty but the day was full of smiles and pushing through personal challenges.
Tiny K3 runners pushed their very short legs to run lap after lap for our record of 1000 laps.
Parents and staff urged them to keep going, after all, we believed as Terry Fox had told the world, dreams are possible. Our older students ran side by side with the little ones holding hands and encouraging them.
We raised 190500 baht on the day, with more funds to come for cancer research at hospitals in Bangkok.
An incentive this year was the fundraisers received tape to stick the Deputy Principal and the Head of Elementary to the wall. The five largest amounts raised would earn the students a plate of cream to throw at Mr. Andrew and Mr. Richard.
The Terry Fox Run demonstrates to our students and the entire community the power of believing in yourself, that together we can help change the world.
An enormous thank you to our Athletic Director, Mr Jordan Ashton and his trusty wingman Mr Aim for the devotion they demonstrated to the Terry Fox Run for 2019.

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