Online Parent Conferences for Elementary and Middle School a huge success

Online learning during COVID-19 has produced unique challenges for teachers, students and parents. We have all had to quickly learn the varied online platforms to communicate effectively while being mindful  of our learners who watch their world change so quickly from day to day.

With these challenges our teachers  and parents could be forgiven for being overwhelmed as their roles appear to change and our students may find focusing on their online learning difficult. Anxiety about the present situation and their future could easily impact our wonderful students at BCISB. Our goal is to minimize this impact.
At BCISB our teachers and staff are sharing resources and successes, together with recommendations, for perhaps the best professional development opportunities they will ever have.
In these times communication with our parents is imperative and in an ever increasing list of firsts, today was another.
Elementary and Middle School parent conferences went on line Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.
Mr Richard Turenne Head of Elementary praised the teachers and parents saying the conferences were an amazing symbol of the strong community we have here at BCISB, thanking both teachers, and parents, for making the day a huge success.
“After persevering through some technical challenges in the early morning, parents and teachers were able to meet and speak face to  face about their child’s growth over the last term, and current challenges we are facing with online learning. We collected tons of great feedback from parents and look forward to using it to tailor online learning in the near future.”
A special mention too for our translators on each grade who made these online interviews even better.
Our teachers comments were so encouraging. “It was really lovely to check in with parents and reflect on Term 2 together, as well as, gain some insight into how home learning is going. I am so proud of how much my students have achieved during this challenging time. I have especially enjoyed sharing laughter with parents as we chatted about how the successes and challenges they are having with their child are similar to what I experience in the classroom.”
The parents’ responses overwhelmingly supported our teachers  with their thanks and encouragement for this new style of teaching. 
Our BEARS community is in good hands during these difficult and unusual times.

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