British Columbia International School Bangkok (BCISB) is host to some of the most talented teachers and staff in Thailand. Our concentration is on creating a wholesome environment where team spirit and interconnectedness and given the highest priority. Take a look at some of the wonderful people you will get to meet and know at BCISB below, and be sure to contact us at any time if you wish to learn more about us.


Ms. Emma Dufresne

Kindergarten 1 Ocean World Teacher

Ms. Meagan Bouvette

Kindergarten 1 Under the Ocean Teacher

Ms. Nicola Gregory

Kindergarten 1 Magic Beach Teacher

Ms. Julie Preston

Kindergarten 2 Mystery Jungle Teacher

Ms. Jacob Felsch

Kindergarten 2 The Little Explore Teacher

Mr. Dale West

Kindergarten 2 Learning from Nature Teacher

Ms. Amanda McParland

Kindergarten 3 Wonder Space Teacher

Mr. Seth Hoover

Kindergarten 3 Explore the Universe Teacher

Ms. Fiona Cunneen

Kindergarten 3 Bizarre Space Teacher

Ms. Pornpisoot Seta

Kindergarten Thai Teacher


Ms. Daria Labonina

Grade 1 A Teacher

Ms. Vanessa Felsch

Grade 1 B Teacher

Mr. Ivan Smith

Grade 2 A Teacher

Ms. Abigail Cakebread-Andrews

Grade 2 B Teacher

Mr. Jean-Pierre Karsten

Grade 3 A Teacher

Ms. Shoba Gunaseelan

Grade 3 B Teacher

Mr. Owen Mitchinson

Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Carla Hoger

Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Jaruwan Suwankom

Elementary Thai Teacher