Dreams Are Possible

Dreams Are Possible
Each year at BCISB we actively participate in the annual Terry Fox Run. For our new parents, Terry Fox was a young man in Canada who was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg in 1977 at the age of  19. He had his leg amputated fifteen centimeters above the knee. He was told that he had only a fifty percent chance of surviving.
Most young people devastated by the news would focus on their own life but Terry decided his legacy would be to help as many people as he could living with cancer.
 He embarked on a journey he called the Marathon of Hope, an east to west cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer. His journey was three-quarters complete before he tragically passed away.
At BCISB we teach our students that dreams are possible, that ordinary people can become heroes and for them to know if they set goals they can achieve them.
The Terry Fox story is inspirational and one that all our students and parents understand. Each year we run to raise funds for cancer research in Thailand. Last year we raised 190,000 Baht, this year our dream is to do even better.
Help us to achieve this and show our students what Terry believed, “Anything is possible if you try”.

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