BCISB announces new Vice Principal for 2020-21

The Management of BCISB would like to announce the appointment of Ms. Hadden Allen to the position of Vice-Principal from August 2020.

Mr. Andrew Shutsa leaves BCISB at the end of the academic year to take up a new position in Beijing, China. Ms. Hadden will replace him in his role here at BCISB.

Andrew Shutsa has been at BCISB for three years and has proved to be an extremely dynamic and dedicated administrator within the school community. His professionalism, openness and willingness to communicate have made him an excellent choice for his role here. These qualities will surely continue in his next management position in Beijing.

We asked Mr. Andrew to reflect on his three years here with the Bears community.

BCISB has been such a warm place to call home for the past three years and I have enjoyed it immensely! This wonderful warm community includes parents who want the best for their kids, our teachers who go above and beyond and our amazing students. ‘Thank you to everyone for making BCISB a place I will always remember.” 

Ms. Hadden Allen, or Haddy as she likes to be known within the community, currently holds the position of both the Literacy Coordinator and Accreditation Coordinator. Ms. Allen originally comes from Toronto, Canada with a background in Primary Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She is an experienced international teacher having worked in schools in Canada, The United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica and has been in Thailand at BCISB for the past year.

In replacing Andrew Shutsa, Haddy thanked Andrew for being a great role model for her. Haddy summed up her outlook saying “I believe that BCISB has a strong core strength, clarity about who we are, and what we strive to achieve, and it is this clarity and mission we need to share. It will be a privilege to work with all members of the Bears community and help lead BCISB into its bright future.”’

Mr. Andrew thanked everyone for making BCISB a place he will always remember. “I would like to thank our Principal, Mr. Ryan, for the opportunity to work and contribute to BCISB. I will miss the school and its community but know Haddy and Ryan will make a wonderful team. HIGH FIVE AND GO BEARS!”

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