BCISB offers a range of athletic opportunities for our students to help maintain healthy lifestyles and encourage the social values that are developed through sports. We are continuously adding unique opportunities for athletes to showcase their talent, work as a team and build lifelong friendships.

Extra Curricular Activities

This year we are offering extra curricular athletics through Top Flight Basketball, Parkour, Chelsea Soccer and BCISB Ice Hockey. These programs are fun and valuable to our students to improve skills through weekly sessions with experienced and professional coaches. Throughout the year, students will also have the opportunity to participate in lunchtime intramural sports. These will be leadership team and teacher managed and give opportunities to all students who may not have the time to participate in afterschool activities.

BCISB Ice Hockey

Our school is very proud to offer a uniquely Canadian ice hockey program. This team has a short season throughout the year where we practice and play against other amature youth clubs in Bangkok. Mr. Jordan, our Athletic Director is well connected in the hockey community so please contact him if you’re interested in playing!

BCISB Athletic Teams

In 2018 BCISB joined ISAA (International Schools Athletics Association). Our involvement in this league has given our students amazing opportunities to participate in tournaments which are hosted at schools on weekdays.

Teams are structured around a season that is separate from the extra curricular sports. These teams are competitive and will host or travel to friendly matches/tournaments during the season. All athletes wishing to participate on a BCISB team will follow the BCISB Athletic Code of Conduct and show commitment, dedication and sportsmanship throughout the season.

Athletic Awards Banquet

At the end of the year all players who participated in a sport representing BCISB are recognized for their commitment and hard work. In 2018 BCISB had their first Athletic Awards Banquet and will continue this fun tradition in the years to come! There are many types of awards which recognize sportsmanship, skill, improvement and dedication.

For more information on our Athletics Program, please see our Athletic Handbook.


Note: This is a temporary schedule that is subject to change.