Oscars, Emmys and BCISB Arthurs


It is the currently the season for entertainment awards with the Oscars awarded last week in the United States. Today it was the BCISB Arthurs for achievement in Fine Arts during the 2019 ArtsFest held at BCISB.

With Mr Faustus in a tuxedo and the awards stage in spotlight presenters called the name of the nominees and twenty awards were presented.

Categories ranged from writing of poems, stories and songs, film awards including Best Actor and Best Actress and People’s Choice for Best Film of 2019 with miniature Arthur awards going to each category.

Visual art, café sessions and Wizard of Oz awards were awarded to excited winners and the ceremony concluded with a Patron of the Arts awards being presented to Principal, Mr. Ryan Silverthorne and Ms. Gade our Deputy Director.

The awards ceremony was the culmination of a celebration of the Arts at BCISB and special mention was made to the four staff who worked tirelessly for months preparing for the event. Mr. Faustus, Ms. Alexandra, Ms. Fretche and Ms. Rochelle from the ArtsFest committee were also awarded Arthurs for their tremendous effort.

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