iCamp is Incredible!

Ryan Silverthorne, Principal of BCISB, believed our students should experience leaving home and going to a Camp. Apart from the obvious benefit of helping our students mature and become more independent, it was also a wonderful way to bond together.
Our middle schoolers were first to go to iCamp for two nights and three days away from home. On their return, they were then followed by of our Grades 4 and 5 attending for two days and one night.
Could they possibly be away from iPhones, Instagram, and Ipads for that long?
The answer was a resounding yes. With reports of hot weather, the campers spent team building afternoons in the pool and surrounded by water. In the cool of the mornings, they learned archery and in the evenings had the iconic campfire experience. They worked together in teams and learned the benefits of team building.
Happy, tired and much more independent students returned home amazing themselves what they could achieve.

An enormous thank you to the accompanying teachers who worked day and night making the iCamp such a positive experience.

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