This section provides answers to some of the most frequent questions that we receive from prospective families.

What is the Dogwood Diploma?
The Dogwood Diploma is the name given to the High School diploma in British Columbia. This is what our pupils receive if they graduate from BCISB.
What is the advantage of the BC program?
The curriculum from British Columbia is known worldwide as a strong program. Graduates from BCISB have gone on to universities and colleges in Canada, the United States, Australia, Thailand and abroad.
What is WASC?
WASC stands for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This is an American governing body that accredits schools worldwide who offer a Western style curriculum who work in tandem with local ministries of education. Having WASC approval is another way of showing our international standing. We are currently are a WASC candidate school meaning we are in the beginning phases of our accreditation and have regular check ins with our team from the USA. This is a mandatory process before full membership is given.
What is the English language requirement for entering BCISB?
All students who enter BCISB must pass an academic assessment offered by one of the BC staff members before full admission is given.
Is food provided?
Snacks are provided for K-3 and lunch is provided to the entire school. For older students who do not receive a snack, they may bring a healthy snack or purchase at the school canteen during this time.
Is transportation provided?
Yes, there are buses available. Please inquire at the office for more information.
Are elective classes provided?
Elective classes, meaning a student has a choice in the matter of their schedule, start in Grade 10 here at BCISB.